In line with our vision to impact contemporary generations, we may constitute these committees along with the traditional ones of COP:
  1. Audit- periodic exercise by the team covers these and others:
    • Finance, Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Programme, Membership and Records
  1. Music & Literary – to enhance the ministry of music with choreography, miming etc and instrumentation. Weekly prayers and rehearsals are a core elements of this
  2. Prayer Force – to be committed with the ministry of prayer and intercession
  3. Media, Technology, Editorial and Literature – ICT experts and persons of Literature or linguistics backgrounds shall be constituted to:
    • Evolve appropriate contemporary technology to enhance church service, evangelism and music ministry and general church administration
    • Liaise with PENT-NET and PENT-TV to wire/telecast enriched Pentecostal activities and programmes organised under the auspices of the Worship Centre
    • Shall be responsible for the church’s data management and photos gallery.
    • Shall be responsible for the marketing and account for books and literature of the church (and or of persons) brought to the Worship Centre for sale
    • Shall coordinate weekly radio broadcast with the Worship Centre Evangelism Ministry
    • Shall be responsible to produce monthly soft edition and quarterly hard copy newsletter – GENERATIONS of the Worship Centre
  4. Evangelism Coordinating Team – this shall be a task team, but not a ministry with the responsibility to:
    • Ensure numerical growth of church membership
    • Mobilise a joint force of the church to embark on aggressive evangelism
    • Develop and disseminate relevant tools (tracts, drama, cinema etc) for evangelism together with the ICT and literature team
    • Undertake follow-up and visitations
    • Devise biblical ways of funding evangelism activities

    The 7-member leadership shall comprise:
    • The District Evangelism Leader – Coordinator
    • The Assistant District Women’s Leader – Assistant
    • The District Youth Leader – Secretary
    • The Presiding Elder – Ex-officio
    • District Executive Member
    • 2 members (a PEMEM executive member and a female member)
  5. Research - the Resident Pastor together with ICT experts and others may conduct research periodically over any issues of concern.
  6. Scholarship And Peoples’ Development Scheme- SPDS
    This shall be a support ministry which will focus attention on greater needs of others. It is a ministry with a bulk interest to realising bulk requests. The SPDS is undergirded by the love of Christ and the needs of others and the values of participants. It is not a welfare scheme or a credit union package. The scope of SPDS will include:
    • Edu-fund – to support education; needy but brilliant students. A subsidiary of PESS
    • Arti-fund – for artisans and trade learning apprenticeship
    • Skills enhancement – where we may sponsor committed members to step up their entrepreneur and other skills and abilities. We anticipate building capacities of members in the SMEs industry. This component will be under the auspices of the Men’s and Women’s ministries.

    A 5-man Task Team was composed to work out its modalities on October 1, 2015. The report was forwarded to the Area Head for advice and counsel before it was institutionalised.